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Poem – At The Gate

Here are some more lines that I had poured out on a piece of paper recently, thought that maybe I can share this as well.. so here it is.. a...

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You can thank me later

Just try this out … you’ll never guess what happens Go to and then select “I am under 21″ You can kill or thank me later  

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The Mobile Look Site

An up-and-coming online mobile device simulator, The Mobile Look lets you check your site’s design using a variety of different devices. Unlike other online simulators it actually uses the...

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Play Siege Of Troy

Here is a simple yet a little addictive game for you guys to try out …Siege of Troy. It’s a simple aiming and shooting game … which a player gets...

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Strange Humanity

Right, so I am back after a good long break. Have moved to a new city, the capital of India and the life here is crowded! This happened to be...