10 Best Online iPad & iPhone Simulators

One of my friend’s is a pure mobile developer but he isn’t good with the design part of it , so he called me up just to check a couple of sites he was working on, so I said yes… but as soon as I posted the link on my browser I realized that he wanted me to check it on an iPhone and I don’t have one :(
So i had to search for a online simulator which could help me out with this so while doing that .. I came across a few of them and decide to put this effort into a blog containing the list of the best online simulators for iPhones and Ipad.

So here are the links and the screenshot to those sites, hope it helps you out like it did for me and my friend as well 😉
Have fun !!!

– iPad Simulators

1. Alexw.me

2. iPadPeek.com

3. iPad-emulator.org

– iPhone Simulators

4. TestiPhone.com

5. InteractiveiPhone.com

6. iPhone-Emulator.org

7. iPhone4Simulator.com

8. Transmog.net


9. iPhoneTester.com (use safari for better results)

– General Mobile based Opera Mini Browser Simulator

10. Opera Mini Simulator (not specifically for an iPhone or iPad)


For My Indian readers,
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  • Julian

    all ipad i try not work i see the original ipad but different output to show the website.. hope this all simulator must be updated

    • http://blog.arunace.com Arun Sengupta

      well it’s been a while since I wrote this blog… more than 6 months… but I don’t think it should really show drastically different results… but I’ll check it out once more just in case.
      Thanx for the feedback @f48b01ea4ff7576b66f743321f95ec1f:disqus :)

  • Vlad

    all of these emulators don’t support tap() and all touch functions..

    • vlad

      and don’t show you right user agent !!!!

    • http://blog.arunace.com Arun Sengupta

      Well I just used them on my normal desktop and laptop which don’t have the touch screen input option …so I am not sure about the Tap() thing…since it’s just a emulator which lets you know how it’ll look on the iPad or iPhone :)

  • Anna

    you must be kidding me, all these bunch of simulators are good for nothing, nothing in common with how things look on real devices. i have ot yet find one that would be decent. these are all not good.

    • http://blog.arunace.com Arun Sengupta

      @c713a3f81cadb4d20b43287f733b56b3:disqus – to be honest , even I would agree to some point … but it’s not like it doesn’t give you a chance of actually seeing it … if you have no choice of a hardware device to check on …
      And even I tried to search for the closest that I could find… and these were it… if you do find any better than these … do let me know 😀
      Thanks !!!

  • Atul

    Arun – Any serious person would realize that these are not simulators, but just trivial display of content in a smaller iFrame surrounded by an image of the iPhone or whatever. Essentially a cheap trick with no substance. You do a disservice to people when you peddle it as something valuable, especially to people who mistakenly assume that you know what you are talking about with your “graduate in Computer Science” highlighted description of yourself. Like it or not it also reflects on the depth of your caliber. As Mark Twain said, “It is better to keep your mouth shut and let others doubt if you are a fool than to open it and remove the doubt”

    • http://blog.arunace.com Arun Sengupta

      @disqus_jdTwo878nC:disqus – well I would agree to the point that graduate in CS doesn’t mean I know everything… but when it comes to designing … these online tools can be used to see how a site may look like on a mobile / tablet device .. which helps out a lot for web-designers or graphic designers who don’t have these devices at hand.

      I would like to add… these DO NOT show the perfect result as it is not possible with these free tools… but they do make things easier for a lot of people when it comes to designing :)
      So I would humbly suggest that before just judging the person based on a simple article… you need to know who it actually is meant for :) and how it helps them. :)

  • gianmohit1

    waste of time!

    • http://blog.arunace.com Arun Sengupta

      Well I am sorry to disappoint you :)
      But it does help out certain people …

  • HJoe

    Hi, Arun Sengupta I am sorry for the reviews you are receiving. I sure know people never appreciate any help ever! They always know to complain and whine!

    • http://blog.arunace.com Arun Sengupta

      @b647f493a899de234080404edfe1c743:disqus – Hi… thanks a lot for the positive support :)
      I know… everyone has their own perspective … so I don’t blame… the post may be a waste for a few people … but I believe that it can be helpful for a few as well :)
      So it doesn’t really bother me :) but yeah it does make me feel good if I get some appreciation for the time I spent posting this :)

      So thank you once again.

  • filia mycandythemes

    some of them is very useful thanks for sharing this <3

    • http://blog.arunace.com Arun Sengupta

      @google-83707403edc4847b2aeb141eb6809b75:disqus – Thank you so much :)
      Really appreciate it !!!

  • Join

    Thank this post! I am using for the emulators for the following platform

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