16 Best Online Internet Speed-Test Services

Well since I have been having problems with my download speed for a few weeks now so I had decided to check my speed with the online tools for an approximate measurement of the download / upload speed on my computer. I had used these tools before as well but not so seriously coz this time I had a genuine problem with the Internet speed so I decided to check for all the online options for testing net speed…so here is the small list of sites and services which I thought are worth mentioning :)

I hope this helps out a few frustrated net users like me someday 😛
1. SpeedTest.net


2. TestMySpeed.com


3. InternetSpeedTest.in


4. InternetFrog.com


5. My-SpeedTest.com


6. TestInternetSpeed.org


7. BandwidthPlace.com


8. cnet.com


9. SpeakEasy.net


10. 2wire.com


11. AuditMyPC.com


12. McAfee.com


13. iBeast.com


14. SpeedMatters.org


15. VisualWare.com


16. Broadband.gov



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  • venkat20

    There are many sources available to test the internet speed..I have checked the speed of the internet at http://www.scanmyspeed.com/ My Downloading speed is 5.236Mbps and Uploading speed is 1.235Mbps.

    • http://blog.arunace.com Arun Sengupta

      Thanx for your input @Venkat20
      and the link as well :)

      • venkat20


  • Kirstie
  • http://www.checkspeed.org/ Kamna Chawla

    The number of resources available to test the speed of internet are really working for me… thanx for dis gr8 post.

    • http://blog.arunace.com Arun Sengupta

      Well I am glad to hear that :)
      And I hope I post a lot more blog posts which help you out 😀

  • http://www.highspeed-internet.com/ High Speed Internet

    Thank you for the sharing ! I can now test the speed of my internet connection!

    • http://blog.arunace.com Arun Sengupta

      You’re most welcome :)

  • mike

    All speed test services that you have introduced are flash/java dependent.
    This one is based on HTML5 and doesn’t need any plugin:

    • http://blog.arunace.com Arun Sengupta

      Thank you so much :)
      You’re absolutely right… and even I would prefer this now to be honest 😀
      I didn’t even know about this … so thank you once again :)

      • http://blog.arunace.com Arun Sengupta

        I totally agree with you :)

      • mike

        Yes.. it’s really cool :)
        Why don’t you add it to your list?

        • http://blog.arunace.com Arun Sengupta

          Actually the thing is… the title and the link of the blog already says 16 Best …
          so can’t change the number of sites in the list… but yeah I can add it later… as a special mention 😀

  • Swatipathak02

    Thanx for a great list. This is very useful for an Internet Speed Test. 1more thing i would like to mention that broadband speed test results will always vary somewhat depending on the time of day, your computer’s configuration, as well as a host of other variables.

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