20 Best Free Sites for Online Data Storage & Backup (Updated)

Well there used to be so little options when it came to taking your data or file backups and keep them safely so that in any case if the actual current data got destroyed or erased or corrupted , we would have a safe and secure way of retrieving the data for our server or personal computer.

For all the things like best backup software, online storage applications, top backup storage software or service etc. this blog would be quite the fit for the questions you have about the best services for online storage and backup :)
And since the all powerful cloud technology is on the rise , this has become a whole new game :)

We have so many cool and reliable options for data backups and storage spaces with a wide variety of services at affordable prices … and some of them are ( Lucky for us ;) ) FREE as well.
So a normal person who just uses his personal computer or MAC can have his/her data secured on some far off server or on a cloud and be relaxed about the basic issues of taking a backup and the overheads of keeping that extra hardware to maintain & organize it properly for future ease :)

So here are few of the best which I found can help a lot of people as well as small / big companies out for the storage solutons and much more :)


1. aDrive.com
– 50 GB Free
– Paid plans for more space

Some Features:

– Cloud Storage
– Upload & Store Files
– Access Files Anywhere
– Share Files
– Edit Documents Online
– File Transfer Protocol (FTP)
– ADrive Desktop


2. SkyDrive.Live.com
– 25 GB Free

Some Features:

– Create, edit and share Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote documents from SkyDrive.
– With a Windows Phone, notes you take using OneNote on your phone can be synchronized with SkyDrive on the web.
– Great for capturing ideas and to-do lists on the go.
– View the photos and Office documents you have stored on SkyDrive from your Smartphone.
– Just go to skydrive.live.com on your mobile phone and sign in with your Windows Live ID.
– With Windows Phone, pictures you take can be uploaded directly to your SkyDrive automatically, or when you choose.
– Automatically sync files to SkyDrive: A free download, Windows Live Mesh, allows you to synchronise folders and files on your computer with SkyDrive.
– Tell Mesh which folders you’d like to sync, and when you edit files in that folder, or add new files to it, they automatically update on SkyDrive.
– SkyDrive gives you loads of free online storage, perfect for sharing files with others, backing up your documents or sending files that are too large to email


3. DivShare.com
– 20GB Free
– Paid plans for more space

Some Features:

– Awesome network performance worldwide
– Low bandwidth costs
– Instant, on-demand capacity
– Detailed file reporting
– High-availability network architecture
– No changes to your existing hosting
– Be up and running in minutes


4. UpForDown.com
– 10GB Free

Some Features: 

– 20 GB bandwidth
– 300 mb per file
– All files support
– Absolutely FREE


5. 4Shared.com
– 10GB Free
– Paid plans for more space

Some Features: 

– 24/7 Technical Support
– Direct downloading link or embedding a file on your web page
– Web Grab – upload files from the Web
– Zip your files online
– Edit text files
– Windows, Linux, and Mac operation system support
– SFTP access and Multi-Select Actions
– Social Media File-Sharing and Restore Files
– QR Codes for All Files
– Play your music files online and Stream video
– 4shared Desktop , 4shared Toolbar , 4shared Mobile for Android, Symbian, Blackberry, 4Sync and much more

 6. iDrive.com
– 5 GB Free
– if you refer to your friends then you get another 10GB Free

Some Features:

– Multiple Device Backup
– Automatic Selection
– Continuous Data Protection (CDP)
– Sync, Search and Restore
– Web Based Backup Management and Versioning
– Enhanced Security and Bandwidth Throttle
– Share files and Manage multiple accounts
– Trash


7. Box.com
– 5GB Free
– Paid plans for more space

Some Features:

– Box Sync for your desktop
– Box for iPhone, iPad, Android, and Box in Popular Mobile Apps.
– File widgets
– Invite Others to View, Edit and More
– Post Comments and Track File Versions
– Access Permissions and Reporting
– 56-bit SSL Encryption for File Transfers with Box Business
– Google Apps and Share with links
– CRMs – Salesforce and NetSuite
– APIs for Custom Integrations


8. SugarSync.com
– 5GB Free
– Paid plans for more space

Some Features: 

– Versioning with ability to restore
– Sync files on multiple computers
– Upload / Sync via email
– Sync folders to mobile devices
– Send files of any size
– Share photo albums
– Stream music to web browser, iphone, Android, Blackberry
– Multi-Lingual


9. OpenDrive.com
– 5GB Free
– Paid plans for more space

Some Features:

– Hotlinking of files and Embedding of photo, video & audio files
– Version History
– Custom subdomain and Custom branding
– Create and edit documents
– Music and video player, and Images and pdf files viewer
– Sending files and folders
– Selling files
– Sharing files with Facebook and Twitter
– Secure SSL connection and an API
– Multi-language support
– Online drive and Automated backup
– File syncing across multiple computers


10. FlipDrive.com
– 5GB Free
– Paid plans for more space

Some Features:

– Easily share any file of any size
– Secure multi-user access
– Easy to Use interface
– online backup
– Securely store your photos online
– Share your photos with anyone
– Personal Public Photo Page
– Store and Manage all your contacts
– Create Groups


11. BinFire.com
– 2GB Free
– Paid plans for more space

Some Features:

– Interactive Real-Time Whiteboard
– Collaborative PDF Markup
– Group chat
– Event notification and document sharing
– Interactive Gantt Chart and Task Management Using WBS
– Search and tags for folder and files
– Starring To Follow Objects


12. DropBox.com
– 2GB Free
– Paid plans for more space

Some Features:

– Dropbox works with Windows, Mac, Linux, iPad, iPhone, Android and BlackBerry.
– Works even when offline. You always have your files, whether or not you have a connection.
– Dropbox transfers just the parts of a file that change (not the whole thing).
– Manually set bandwidth limits — Dropbox won’t hog your connection.
– Invite friends, family or teammates to a folder. It’ll be as if you saved the folder to their computers.
– See other people’s changes instantly.
– Create photo galleries viewable by anyone you choose.
– Dropbox mobile
– Dropbox keeps a one-month history of your work.
– Any changes can be undone, and files can be undeleted.


13. ElephantDrive.com
– 2GB Free
– Paid plans for more space

Some Features:

– Multiple devices backup
– External drive backup
– Server and network drive backup
– Large and open file support
– Multiple user set-up
– Easy and secure file sharing
– Military grade encryption keeps your files safe and secure
– Multiple devices and multiple platforms


14. MyOtherDrive.com
– 2GB Free
– Paid plans for more space

Some Features:

– Automatic (Unattended) or Manual Backup
– Collaboration (Public, Friend, and Password based Sharing)
– Postal Backup (Mail in that USB drive!)
– Backup (Archive) and Synchronize
– Import from other Online Storage Services
– File Linking and Online Albums


15. MiSafe.com
– 1GB Free
– Paid plans for more space

Some Features:

– Online cloud storage — without limits
– Store & Sync files of any size or type
– Windows, Mac, iPhone & iPad
– Automatically syncs new files and changes
– Set your own bandwidth limit
– Share files and folders with anyone easily
– Unlimited user sharing and collaboration
– Selective and incremental backup


16. DriveHQ.com
– 1GB Free
– Paid plans for more space

Some Features:

– Backup files and emails automatically
– FTP / email / web hosting
– Quick file sharing and advanced folder sharing
– File Manager and drive mapping
– Sub-accounts and group collaboration
– Folder synchronization
– A true Drop Box Mobile Apps and Services


17. StoreGate.com
– 1GB Free
– Paid plans for more space

Some Features:

– Storegate AutoStore (Windows XP. Vista, 7, Home Server 2003, Server 2003 och Server 2008)
– Storage in secure data centers
– Manage stored files from a personal account in your web browser
– Share large files
– Restore files easily with Storegate AutoStore
– Access files from computer and cell phones
– Share your photos in web albums
– Support for WebDAV and FTP
– SSL encryption
– End user support


18. FreeDrive.com
– 1GB Free
– Paid plans for more space


19. RapidShare.com
– Unlimited

Some Features:

– RapidShare Manager
– Browser extensions
– Windows Sidebar Gadget
– Link Checker
– Directdownloads


20. MediaFire.com
– 50GB Free
– Paid plans for more features

Some Features:

– Aaccess from anywhere phone, tablet and computer
– Unlimited Online Storage
– Secure Redundant Backups
– Detailed Security Log
– Unique Custom Domain
– Embeddable File Dropbox
– Customized Folder Links
– Fully Customizable Branding



Yeah, I know I said 20 of the best… but since it would sound a little funny if I said 22 of the best … doesn’t seem like a prominant rounded off number so I took 20 of the best in these and put these 2 at the bottom , coz I didn’t wanna be discriminative to these 2 fellas and I did think they are worth the mention … so here are 2 extra links for your option :)


21. ContentCube.com
– 100mb free
– Paid plans for more space


22. SpiderOak.com
– 2GB Free
– Paid plans for more space

 Well this is a late entry in the list… don’t how I missed it :( … but since I checked it out and it was definitely worth the mention on my blog , so here it is in the end… but it should be somewhere above according to my judgement but since I can’t the content too much of the original blog , I decided to put it here anyways :)

So here’s number 23rd :)

23. CX.com

– 10GB Free
– Paid plans for more space

Some Features:

– Sync on as many devices as you want
– Public or private file-sharing options and share stuff with the world on your favorite social networks
– CX users can comment on it
– Join or create a group and everyone can join the conversation, edit files or add new ones.


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    The online storage i use is absalon upload this gives you free secure file data online storage space. You can also share all your files easily by using the absalon submiter system.

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    DropBox is the best for me.
    Congrats for the post.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Michael-Driver/100001568136916 Michael Driver

    I do not trust ANYONE, but myself, and my own hardware, to store my data. Period. That is why I will NEVER use the so-called “cloud”. Ever.

    • http://blog.arunace.com Arun Sengupta

      @facebook-100001568136916:disqus –
      Well I respect that … it happens ..especially when you have extremely personal or critical data … but either you invest a little more to have a backup of your own… or rely on someone who can provide the same service to you for a little less or even free :) …Like a Bank does for your money :)

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    Superb…. good collection of list, good work.
    online data storage

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    Mediafire is not unlimited, free account is 50 GB.

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      Well thank you so much … it used to have unlimited … but I think now they’ve changed it to 50GB free initially :)
      Thanks for your update and I have made the change according to it :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/abby.patano Abby Bolgado Patano

    thanks for this really useful list you made. i have tried most of the ones on your list…of course i so much like google docs as this is so easy to use and to access anywhere. i can also add to you list OpenDrive, i have been using its 5GB Free Space at no extra cost and i love the fact that I can share file link, and do hotlinking as well…Also, they just launched a new Referral program where one can get additional 500 MB up to 20GB for every user you referred to them…

    • http://blog.arunace.com Arun Sengupta

      Well thank you so much for letting me know about OpenDrive :)
      And the idea of the referral program is quite nice :D
      Works for them and works for the user as well :)

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    cx cloud

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    MediaFire will only let you download 1 file at a time on the free account. did not like even with the 50GB

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      @ea201a306c4bb5952f608571620b0e3d:disqus – wow… that’s a crucial point… I didn’t know that … and I do agree with you … that makes things a little difficult even with 50GB

      Thanks for your insight on that :)

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    Howdy would you mind sharing which blog platform you’re using? I’m planning to start my own blog in the near future but I’m having a hard time deciding between BlogEngine/Wordpress/B2evolution and Drupal. The reason I ask is because your layout seems different then most blogs and I’m looking for something unique. P.S Sorry for being off-topic but I had to ask!|

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      I am using wordpress… and I don’t have much idea about the other platforms except Drupal :)
      Hope that helps!!!

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    I love dropbox, it’s clean and simple to use for all my pictures and videos.

    • http://arunace.com/ arunace

      @uberontime – Even I personally use dropbox, got used to the simple straight forward interface long time ago.

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